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Week 1 Exercises

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Each week in 6.01, you will be asked to complete some number of exercises outside of lab time. These exercises will be completed online through this software. They will normally be released on Monday mornings, and will come due on Sunday nights.

The goal of all of homework questions is education (not assessment!). They are worth some points toward your grade, directly, as a motivation to do them. But the real value is that they will help you learn the course content; your understanding will ultimately be reflected in your exam scores, which constitute the majority of your grade. So, copying answers from your friends or getting questions correct by guessing is a fruitless activity: it will rob you of the chance to engage with this material in the most educationally useful way.

Each subpart of an exercise offers a place to input your answer, and several buttons:

  • Submit: sends your answer to the server to be checked for correctness. You will be presented with information regarding the correctness of your answer.
  • View Answer: displays an answer written by the staff, below the detailed results from your last submission. Viewing the answer to a question will prevent any further submissions to that question. Some questions have additional explanation available through a button labeled "View Explanation," which becomes available after you have viewed the answer for that question.
  • Certain types of questions offer additional options. For example, questions that involve coding in Python typically offer a "Run Code" button that runs your code and displays its output (or any error messages it produced) without scoring your code and without using one of your limited number of submissions.

Homeworks are graded based on completion. We consider an exercise to be completed when you have earned a perfect score on it, regardless of the number of submissions it takes (you will be able to submit each question as many times as you wish, but we strongly encourage you to try to use as few submissions as possible). For more details, please see the "Information," "Policies," and "Collaboration" pages linked above. Please read these pages carefully.


We'll be using pieces of the 6.01 software for this exercise (and for several exercises throughout 6.01). Now is a great time to make sure it's accessible in the way that's most convenient for you (via Athena, remote access, or installation on your own machine). Look for the relevant instructions for your situation in the Python and lib601 page.

If you get stuck on this exercise, we are happy to help; in that case, please come to the 6.01 lab during office hours times, or ask for help on Piazza.


Symbol Key:

  • : Not attempted / submitted
  • : Attempted but not complete
  • : Complete but late
  • : Complete and on time
  • : Complete and on time, using only one submission per question
  • (PROG): Programming assignment


Note: the images used to indicate progress are either exact copies (smiley, really happy smiley) or slightly modified versions (warning sign, thinking, really happy smiley with sunglasses) of emoji graphics by EmojiOne.
These images are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.